Thank you very much to Moments Photography Cebu, especially to kuya Joseph and kuya Dm for a very fun, exciting, memorable photoshoot and for the amazing photos that captured every memorable moments on the said event. Honestly, when we started pre-debut shoot, I was shy and hesitant to pose since i'm not really into those things but they managed to make me feel comfortable and even made me feel like a real model. I was just so amazed how they capture great photos beyond my expectations.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. It was so great working with you

Charisse Lastima Student / Cebu Doctors College October 6, 2015

                     Me and my wife are very thankful for the inspiring pictures we had during the Pre-nup and the Wedding. Indeed, you live up to your name "MOMENTS" every pictures captures every detailed moments of the weddings and happy moments of the Pre-nup. Both of you are very accommodating and fun to be with that's why it is so comfortable to pose for you guy's no awkward moments indeed. Again we are very satisfied customer of your work. Great new ideas , new concepts and stunning shots. For sure others will follow some of those concepts. Thank you so much. More MOMENTS To Capture. God Bless Momentsphotographycebu.

 AR and Hannah

AR and Hannah COUPLE / H.S.E. / Training Admin. 1 Total Safety Arabia/Bldg. 3022, Unit 1, Salman Al Faresi St. , Al-Khalidiah District Dammam, 31411, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia January 7, 2014

To: Moments Photography Cebu,

You guys are awesome! Fun to work with! You make us feel comfortable in every shot you took during our pre-nuptial session...though you had a hard time of making the groom smile...hehehe but moments photography cebu still manage to capture the memorable moments! They teach us how to pose...as if we're a famous models from a famous magazine..hahaha to Sir Joseph, Sir Dodong and Jumong..

Thank you so much. We had a great time working with you guys!

Looking forward to work with you guys in the near future!

James & Andos

James and Andos Couple / SUNSTAR August 28, 2013

I had a great time working with Moments Photography Cebu during my pre-debut shoot and the event proper.They captured every moment that was unforgettable in my life. Expensive equipment! I was very confident because I know they make great outputs and talk about the value for money. You get what you paid for and even more! I highly recommend them to all of my friends and relatives.

I'm sure, "di gyud ko ma-ulawan" Kudos Moments Photography Cebu!

Rendikka Chua Student Dentistry / Cebu Doctors College August 28, 2013

I received a message from my cousin asking me to be there at their prenuptials for support and to ease her anxiety, as her cousin I felt responsible. I’ve seen pictures but I’ve never really experience such activities,so I went. Everything was ready so was everybody. The weather was gloomy and cloudy and it looks like it’s gonna rain. We set-up in our first location at “The Tops”., I meet Val the make-up artist his hands were magical. Our very friendly van driver. And kuya Joseph and Kuya Dodong the Bride and Grooms photographer, I don’t know much about them nor their works but I was about to.

So when everything was ready they started getting pictures of the the couple moving in and out locations, making different pose and “dramatizations”., the first couple of shoots felt normal and nice. But when I was given the opportunity to see the picture they took I was mesmerized by how the colors and angles collide and that when I realize this two guys take their job very seriously. And as they took more pictures so did my interest grown further. The great thing about this two photographers is there not only photographers they teach you things to they collaborate. One moves with the help of the other, and at the same time intake their Individual specialty. They take constructive criticism from each other makes make their product more so real and should I say brilliant.
Not very much people know that photographers are models at the same time ”exhibitionist” even. Would stand in the cliff of the mountain, arm of the chair, do lay in the grass back and forth just to capture great angle of photo’s to make those moments memorable. Exhaustion doesn’t make their product less beautiful., but even more wonderful.

Every details of photographs has its story. Every photographers has that story written in their mind even before the shoots has started. Ralph and Jean is a great couple together, I’ve seen it my own eyes. Love at its best. We didn’t have a sun that day, but it was a very bright day. Given the beauty of nature, mixed with love and willingness. And magnificent masters of photography Moments Photography Cebu., thank you for your hard work and patience.

Bethel Maid of Honor / Nurse August 28, 2013

To the Wonderful People of Moments Photography:

You know what we love most about you? You are carefree and fun! You are fun to work with, and you are not afraid to try new things. Our photo sessions were filled with so much laughter and joy that I personally wished there was more. (Maybe we can do another one during the first wedding anniversary? LOL!).
We will never forget our experience with you, from the prenuptial down to the wedding. Our wedding was one huge memorable event, and you have beautifully put all of our wonderful memories together in print. But more than that, you have given us a beautiful memory of the time we had with you. That's priceless!

Thank you, and thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!
Rolly and May

May Saga Pono Bride / Lawyer August 28, 2013

We must say that we are very impressed with Moments Photography. The services they offered are great – with high level
of competence. The people we worked during the pre-nup and the wedding itself are awesome!!They make us feel comfortable
 in every shoot we take and extend their extra effort to make the outcome (pictures&videos) excellent. We are very satisfied –
 with absolute delight!!! We are highly recommending their services to all of our friends!!!Good job Moments Photography Cebu!

Wowie De Gracia Bride / Boljoon Cebu August 28, 2013

I have had several full-production photo shoots done and one of those was with Moments Photography. Working with them was brilliant. There was an instant connection to the group, and their enthusiasm and passion for the craft is very exceptional. There was never a minute wasted - from conceptualizing, location, even to post production. The group was really fun to work with, very daring, dynamic and would take serious heights just to get "that" shot (literally). They fit the bill, very professional and not to mention "GOOD LOOKING".
If given a chance I would definitely work with them, again and again.

Thank you Moments Photography Cebu!

Keep it classy;)

Louie Dela Cruz Jewelry and Accessories Designer / Dubai August 28, 2013

They do capture moments. It's amazing how they made photoshoot's fun and exciting. For a moment we felt like super stars.
There's no pressure at all. They are amazing and I pay much respect on the talent and honed skills that they have. I'm a big
fan. They're creative and full of humor too. (chuckle)

Jean Flores Bride / Teacher August 28, 2013

I was worried at first, it was not a perfect day for a photo shoot, with dark sky and rain showers. I was just amazed on
how the manage the situation, and i really appreciate their effort and great passion on what they do. Thanks to Moments Photography Cebu

Ralph Groom / Computer Engineer August 28, 2013